Agios Andreas Bay

Vriniotis Hotels & Resorts in Agios Andreas is one of the best beach resorts of Katakolo.

Built on the ruins of the port of Ancient Pheia and with stunning views of the Ionian Sea. The resort resembles an atmospheric island. It is located at the beginning of the invisible, ancient energy pipeline that connected Ancient Olympia with the port of Ancient Pheia.

The Threshold to Paradise

Seafront Katakolo Resort

Vriniotis Hotels & Resorts is a dreamy island like resort in the west of Peloponnese with exceptional sea view rooms, beaches, upscale hotel facilities, scrumptious dining choices, wellness treatments to meet the desires of prominent guests. Renowned as one of the best beach resorts near Katakolo, the Vriniotis Seaside Resort takes summer holidays to a whole new level of indulgence.

Overlooking the Ionian Sea

“Vriniotis Hotels & Resorts” is literally a hidden treasure that is the epitome of elegance and is located a stone’s throw from Katakolo, while the images that surround this uniquely beautiful bay of Agios Andreas, the facilities, comfort and design, leave even the most demanding vacationers speechless.

And for those who long to discover the history of Greece, the seaside resort is the basis for a trip to some of the most important masterpieces of world art and architecture. From Ancient Olympia to Caiaphas which enchants every visitor in the southern part of Ilia.


Match your appetite to the most amazing Mediterranean & Greek flavors, enjoy fresh fish and seafood at a truly authentic Greek tavern set by the sea.

Lounge & Bar

Enjoy the most flavorsome cocktails, beverages, and refreshment amidst the sea & the sky, raise your glass to propose a toast to the grand pier or a select fine wine whilst enjoying the incredible views of the sunset from the cozy environs of the open-air living room.


Get ready to experience unique moments and Grand pleasures at the rocky sandy coast of Vriniotis Seaside Resort and share the most memorable summer with your loved ones.

Relax with a cocktail by the sea, enjoy delicious creations.

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The latest from the Press room


A stone‘s throw away is BEAUVOIR, a new Resto-Bar built around a love of food, music, art, and design on one of the most scenic stretches of the bay’s coast. The building is characterized by minimalistic architecture, endless sea views, and an aesthetic that encourages guests to embrace the bay barefoot.